The "Digger"

What is the "Digger" ?

The "Digger" is a circular spike harrow used to mellow the ground in a peat bog when it's too dense.  It is the perfect tool to unpack peat moss because it digs out chunks of peat by making holes that are 1 " wide by " deep. The extracted peat nuggets are the exposed to the sun and wind, which speeds up the drying process.

The use of spoons (rather than cutters) prevents cutting through the peat fibre and turning it into dust.


What are the benifits of the "Digger"?

  Design to provide maximum volume of nuggets without softening the ground :  allows for more frequents

  Uses spoons to avoid cutting through the peat fibre and turning it to dust

  Its speed is not affected by the presence of wood on the ground :  the "Digger" will not dig out buried pieces
     of wood

  Can be used every day or every other vacuum harvest

  Guaranteed performance :  50% productivity increase or your money back*

*some conditions apply

TECHNICAL DATA TP-1024 TP-1036 TP-1048
Overall Length: 13'9" 13'9" 13'9
Overall Height : 5' 5' 5'
Overall Width : 24'8" 36'8" 48'8"
Transport Width : 24'8" 36'8" 36'8"
Weight : 1 800 lbs 3 300 lbs 4 800 lbs
Working Capacity : 200 ha /day 300 ha / day 400 ha / day
Working Speed: 9,5 m/h (14 km/h) 9,5 m/h (14 km/h) 9,5 m/h (14 km/h)
Working Width :


36' 48'
HP : 50-60 HP 60-70 HP 80-115 HP

Parts and Labour :

        Parts and labour are protected by a 12 month warranty (normal use)

Performande :

       We guarantee a 50% increase of your productivity, or you will be entitled to a full refund*


*some conditions apply


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